Pumice Stone and Pumice Powder

Pumice Stone

Pumice is a volcanic rock mined and extracting in Baluchistan. It can be used in multiple industrial applications. the mass used of this materials is in construction industry for the production of lightweight concrete and blocks.

there are plenty of other use like it can be used in textile industry for stone wash denim fabric, in agriculture as a plant growing media, for water treatment or any liquid filtration process.

Pumice Powder

Pumice powder has it’s own unique qualities there for it has many different industrial demands for example:
  1. Cosmetic industry
  2. Skin care Products
  3.  Exfoliate products
  4. Paint & Coating Industry
  5. Rubber & Plastic Industry
  6. Polishing & Cleaning industry
  7. Oil & Chemicals filtration use
  8. Soap & Detergent Industry
  9. Dental & health Care Industry