Rice Husk

Rice milling industry generates a lot of rice husk during milling of paddy which comes from the fields. This rice husk is mostly used as a fuel in the boilers for processing of paddy. Rice husk is also used as a fuel for power generation. Rice husk ash (RHA) is about 25% by weight of rice husk when burnt in boilers.  It is estimated that about 70 million tones of RHA is produced annually worldwide. This RHA is a great environment threat causing damage to the land and the surrounding area in which it is dumped.


  • SiO2: Silica 85% minimum
  • Humidity: 2% maximum
  • Particle size: Powder
  • Color:Grey
  • Loss on ignition at 800°C 4% maximum

We are leading supplier and exporter of grinned/ground rice husk from Pakistan. Packaging is most often is 25/40 kg bags; and shipped in 40 ft hi-cube containers.