Flyash Price

Fly ash price in Pakistan

If you are a manufacturer of concrete products you must be looking for alternatives of cement to reduce your cost and produce good quality products. tuff tiles and ready mix production plants in Karachi Lahore and Islamabad are already in practice of using fly ash as a substitute for cement to produce highly durable with good compressive strength concrete.

Fly ash rates in Lahore

Rates in Lahore entirely depend on the source of your fly ash suppliers, why it is important? because fly ash quality and standards rely on it. second fly ash suppliers using few different methods for offering fly ash price in Lahore.

  1. They will offer you fly ash price in per ton.
  2.  Some are offering fly ash rates as per cubic square feet.
  3.  Some of them give fly ash price in KGS

some time it’s depend on the packing too.